Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Internet has become an indispensable factor in our day to day lives. They play a vital role in our life starting from paying our bills, shopping, hunting for apartments etc. They have invaded even the field of education. Smart classes are taking over age old text book method of education. If you consider the percentage of people who knew to operate a computer and get on the internet a decade back and now, the numbers will stun you! This proves the fact that we are dependent on Internet to larger extent than we realize.

A little knowledge about how things work over internet would be of immense help in the long run as we know that internet isn't going away anywhere in the near future. We do a lot of searches everyday for almost everything. Ever wondered how you end up seeing a large number of websites pertinent to the keywords you typed. Let see how these websites are hosted on the internet.

Web Hosting:

There are tons of websites being developed every day. How are these websites made available over the internet. This is where web hosting comes to play. In laymen term, web hosting is nothing but a platform as a service using which users host their website on the server. This is done by web hosting providers who work to provide space for storing your websites file in high-powered computers that are connected to a high speed internet. Web hosting service is available in different types. Depending on the users or companies need, choose the right type of web hosting for your websites. Some of the common types of web hosting are:

Free Web Hosting Service - This type of web hosting service is usually preferred by beginners or small scale business people who cannot afford to have a paid web hosting service. This type of web hosting service comes with limited services and advertisements on the website.

Shared web hosting: As the name indicates, in this type of web hosting, more than one website is hosted on the same server letting websites share common server resources.

Reseller Web Hosting Service : In this type of web hosting the owner of the website purchases the host services as a whole and the shares it with other users.

Virtual Dedicated Server: The name of this type of web hosting is self-explanatory. The type of hosting follows the concept of virtualization wherein the server resources are divided into virtual servers and allocated to many users.

Dedicated Hosting Services: In this type of hosting service the user acquire the web server and has complete control over it.

Managed Hosting Service: This is more or less the same as dedicated hosting service. However, though the user owns the web server they are not entitled to full control over it.

Few other types of web hosting services are, Colocation Web hosting service, cloud hosting, clustered hosting, home server and grid server. It is up to the website owners to decide the type of hosting that is best suited for their websites.

We have discussed briefly about what is web hosting and the types of web hosting services. Though there are many types of web hosting service, the most commonly used types are free web hosting services, shared and virtual private servers. Now that we know this, let move on to the next point of discussion.

What are the things that a user must consider before deciding on the right web hosting provider for their website? Listed below are few of the important factors that must be considered carefully prior to deciding on the web host.


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  • Web Hosting

    Internet has become an indispensable factor in our day to day lives.

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