Ping Time

Ping Time

Purpose of the Website:

Ensure that you have a clear vision for your website's future. Deciding on the right web host for your website depends to a larger extent on the purpose that your website will serve. If it is going to be a personal page or if you aren't targeting a wider audience for your website, it would be best to choose free web hosting services for website. So be very clear about the intent of your website before you chose the web hosting provider since you wouldn't want toss away your money for a website which is not going to earn you profit.

Ping time / Response Time:

This is one of the important factor to consider while deciding the web host provider. Ping time can be defined as the scale which determine the performance of your website. Ping time reflect the amount of time taken for packets to get from your computer to the server. Ping time is very crucial for websites as they depict the speed of the server. There are few factors that affect the ping time of your websites such as slow internet connection, overloaded server etc. It is always a good idea to check the normal ping time that the web host yields before you decide the right web host provider.

Server up time and availability:

It is important for the web host to be accessible round the clock. So the next factor to consider while choosing a web host is the uptime statistics of the hosting provider. It is impossible for any provider to ensure a cent percent uptime, however a provider who with an uptime score less than 99% is considered a bad choice. So choose the provider who has maximum uptime record.


The amount you are willing to pay for hosting your website should be the next factor to consider. Depending upon the purpose of your website choose the web host provider that best suits your needs.

Multiple Domain Hosting:

If you are planning to sell your web space or planning on having multiple domains or sub domains, care should be taken to ensure that the web host provider of your choice comes with this option and if so the cost of using this service.

Hardware and Disk space:

It is highly recommended to research and find out the type of servers the web host providers use since this can largely affect your site performance. Also choose a vendor who will provide multi tier storage architecture, so you can pick and choose the type of storage you need based on your requirements and cost

Tech Support:

This is one of the most important factor in choosing a web host provider. Ensure that the web host provider of your choice provides excellent technical support at time of crisis. Websites tend to go down for n number of reasons. Your web host provider must provide round the clock technical support to fix any issues arising with the website. So choose a web host provider that has various types of customer support like live chat, email, toll-free etc.


Find a web host provider who provides excellent bandwidth for your website. This is important since you cannot predict the traffic on your website at any given day. So you wouldn't want a web host provider who imposes limit on the amount of traffic which your website can use. So decide an average bandwidth that suits for your website and look for a web host provider who meets your needs.

Website back up and recovery:

If your website crashed for some reason, you end up losing all the data. Hence, find a provider who does regular back up and who can help you to restore the data without much hassle.

Control Panel:

Ensure that your web host provider comes with a user friendly functional control pane. This is important for ease of use while hosting the website.

Operating system:
You might want to consider the operating system which your web host provider uses. Most web hosting providers offer Unix based system running on a Apache web server. If you wish to use a windows server, check for providers who run on one.

These are few of the important aspects to consider before deciding the web host provider ideal for your website. That said lets see few of the top web hosting providers.

Dream host

InMotion Web hosting

HostGator Web Hosting


Media Temple


These are few of the top listed web hosting providers. Each of them offers a wide variety of plans to suit the different customer needs. Compare one providers with each other based on the factors discussed above and choose the one which has a better up time statistics and good customer reputation.


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